spiritual warfare

Have any of you ever noticed how, when things get down, the attacks of the evil one steadily mount?  It’s amazing how we don’t recognize them for what they are.  We let him continue to hammer us down and we simply accept the emotion/feeling for what it is (anger / rage / depression / sadness / whatever).  Not only that, but he does a good job of deceiving us that it’s some external reason as to why we feel this rather than the attack itself so that we can’t simply dispel it.

The great news is, as soon as we do realize it is an attack, it subsides.  Sometimes quicker than others, but at least we can become armed for any further attacks rather than being blindsided by them.  It’s no different than what we would consider “true warfare”.  If your flank is unguarded and the enemy is slowly picking apart your reserves from that flank, you’ll continue to suffer from that attack until you realize what’s happening and put up a guard there.  In that “true” sense, the enemy usually backs off an considers another retreat.  I don’t think spiritual warfare is any different.  Once the evil one is “caught”, he backs off and bides his time for another angle or opportunity to come at us.

The purpose of this realization, at least for me, is to be constantly aware of the reality that evil exists and wants to ruin our days/lives/souls/etc.  We not only need to be aware and vigilant, but keep our focus on things that provide our armer.  That would include the Eucharist, sacraments, prayer, Rosary, etc.

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