I was recently asked the question, “is temptation always a bad thing?”.  Our immediate response may be, “of course it is, life would be so much better if it never happened!”  Is that really the case, though?  While temptation can be blamed for our falls, we can all look back at times when we’ve resisted a particular temptation and felt great having done so.

Think of it like this, temptation is one aspect of spiritual warfare that the evil one constantly wages with us (whether we realize it or not).  We can either succumb to that attack or we can meet it head on and be victorious.  That victory provides us with a new level of spiritual strength that will aid us later in life.  Sure, other (and more challenging) temptations will arise along the way, but we’ll continue to grow in our spirituality and ability to resist that temptation.  I don’t think any of this is possible if the temptation didn’t arise in the first place.

To me, this is another case of God using what may be perceived to be bad and using it for good.  Temptation starts out as something to trip us up, but with His help we overcome it and become even stronger.  That strength is necessary to continue our climb of the mountain called Holiness.

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