wisdom listens

I saw a quote recently that resonates very strongly with me.  It was, “Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens.”  I’m not sure if this is a well-known proverb, is from scripture or a quote of anyone in particular but it stands on its’ own just fine.

Looking at the first part, “Knowledge Speaks”, I don’t think it’s necessarily a slam towards those that speak out.  I do think, however, that when we do speak, we should do so from knowledge.  This rules out all unnecessary speech like gossiping and hearsay.

The second part of that quote is what truly resonates with me.  I firmly agree that wisdom comes from listening and observing.  The simple act of doing so puts us in a place where we receive information (with as few prejudices of our own attached to them as possible) and can let it roll around in our minds while we think it over.  If we’re not listening, we’re closed to that information that may help us understand our current beliefs better or that may challenge misconceptions we have.

The “listening” I speak of doesn’t apply only to words spoken to us.  God speaks to us in a number of ways, many of them non-verbal (ie: through events, signs, books, random thoughts, etc.).  If we’re not aware (awake) or paying attention (listening), we are missing our opportunity to gain in wisdom.  Tuning out distractions (like when driving) that may handicap our awareness can go a long way towards our spiritual growth.

This takes us right back to “living awake”, doesn’t it?

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