is your cup full?

A comment made in the early scenes of the movie Avatar really stuck with me.  One of the Na’vi criticized the ignorance of some of the humans by saying, “You can’t fill a cup that’s already full.”  This is a variation of a saying I’ve heard before, but it really got me thinking.

How truly open are we when it comes to our values and opinions?  Is our cup so full that we stubbornly close our eyes to truth (or just another perspective)?  Do we see this in others when trying to explain the basics of our faith?  We certainly can’t “empty” someone else’s cup that we’d like to re-fill, but we can take close look at our own cup and make sure we leave room for differing views and values.

Many arguments remain unresolved because both sides refuse to allow their cup to be filled with their counterparts reasoning.  I wonder how many wars would be averted if we all had a more open mind and compassionate heart.

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