be gentle

The theme that kept leaping out at me today was “gentleness”.

In my reflection of Luke 7:36-50, Jesus’ own gentleness was on full display as he used a parable to help Simon the Pharisee better understand why the woman’s behaviour (who was washing Jesus’ feet with her tears) was nothing to be judged over – but rather a reason for greater appreciate for mercy.

Throughout the gospels we see Jesus being far gentler than any of us ever would – just look at His passion!

In Direction for Our Times’ “Vol. 8 – Resting in the Heart of the Saviour” Jesus says:

“All who know me know that I am gentle, indeed the most gentle of men. My Divinity is also gentle and I desire that souls be at peace.”

The more I reflect on the times we’re living in, the clearer is the need for gentleness.

One look through the news (on any platform) and you can see a lack of gentleness everywhere.

Not just in who’s done what, but also in how that incident is being reported on – and in many cases implying how we should interpret and react to this incident.

None of it gentle.

Imagine how differently your life would be if…

  • You treat others more gently
  • You forgive others more gently
  • You correct those you love more gently
  • You respond to adversity more gently
  • You deliver hard news more gently
  • You treat yourself more gently
  • You embrace your own crosses more gently
  • You suffer more gently

…and imagine how much greater the impact you can have on other lives if these things happened.

Jesus points out his gentleness for a reason – it’s one of the keys to love.

How can we love as He does if we aren’t also gentle?

I’m convinced this is a critical point of our imitation of Him.

With greater gentleness, we become more accepting of others, of ourselves and of all that God’s Will may have in store for us.

These days, this is especially important.

Today, be more aware of all of the things that may draw out harshness in you.

What sets you off?

What leads you to feel the need to leap into the situation with guns blazing?

What has you in a far more reactive position rather than a thoughtful and gentle one?

Gentleness is the key that allows us to pause for a moment, be more considered in our response, and then act with greater love.

I know I can be WAY better in this.

I know all of us can.

As we seek to be aware of when and how we can be more gentle, let’s also pray that Jesus instills some of His own gentleness in us.

We’ve all heard the saying: “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I think we would all agree that we would like to see more gentleness in the world.

It starts with us.

Let’s be more gentle today.