the meaning of your life

What is the meaning of life?

Perhaps a better question posed by Matthew Kelly – what is the meaning of YOUR life?

The more I’ve been reading, studying and praying – the more clear it is that we all have a universal call to Sainthood. We were all created by God for the specific purpose of returning to him, spending our eternity united to Him just as the Saints have done.

He created us – He sent us out – and He calls us back. Exitus Reditus.

When was the last time you reflected on whether your priorities, behaviours and actions are on that trajectory (directed towards Him) or if they’re being steered elsewhere (and perhaps even by someone else)?

Our own individual meaning & purpose comes in when we consider why He created each of us.

We know (because we’ve been told) that we are each perfect in His eyes – this implies that we’ve each been created for a specific purpose.

That specific purpose is what we do on the journey between being created by Him and returning to Him. The space between Exitus and Reditus.

We are each different instruments, fashioned by Him, to play a specific kind of tune in specific places. Sure, we may recognize a friend and the tune they’re playing and wish we could do the same – but where God made a guitar, in you he may have made a cello. Both are important and both are needed for the song He wants played.

Remember, he’s the player – not you. It’s His music, not yours.

Today, my challenge for you is to take these two questions into your next conversation with God:

  1. Do my priorities, thoughts and actions indicate a life that is directed back towards God?
  2. How am I using what He’s given me (and situations He’s putting me in) to let His music out?

With these answers, pray that He shows you what needs to be reinforced and what may need to change. I’ll be praying for you as well.