seek goodness

Whether you’re entering today feeling great or not so great – I have two words for you:

Seek goodness.

Let me explain why this is so important today – for you and everyone else.

We all have an innate sense of “Good” vs. “Not Good”

Seeing a brother and sister playing with each other, joyfully sharing their toys and laughing is “good”.

Seeing them argue, shout and demand they get back “what’s mine” is “not good”.

Being there for a friend or colleague who you know is going through a rough time is “good”.

Acting selfishly to “get what’s yours” regardless of how it might harm others is not “good”.

Our culture today seems to be trying to blur the lines between these two, making everything relative and anything can be okay.

When you step back, it’s easy to see the lie when trying to tell others (or ourselves) that something can be good when we inherently know it’s not.

Today – seek out goodness.  

Look for what is good and be inspired by it.

Be joyful and grateful that it’s there.

As hard as things may be – there is always good that can be found.

And where it isn’t present – create it.  

Be the source.

In your inbox, in your slack channels, across your social media – there are people you know who need more good in their day today.

You might be the only one who can bring it to them in this very present moment.

Could be family, friends, colleagues, customers or even prospects in your pipeline.

We’re all human and we all thrive off of goodness.

Seek it out – and add to it.