the battle rages on…

There is a war happening right now.

Reality is, it’s been happening since the beginning of time – one of good vs. evil and the stakes are our souls.

Whether we’d like to ignore it or not, there is an enemy that we cannot see that wants to trip us up. In doing so, we can then be used to trip others up.

With all of the reasons for conflict, disagreement, and division in our societies today the traps are plentiful.

The good news is that Jesus didn’t come to save those who never tripped.

He came to lift up those who have fallen.

His mercy and forgiveness are always sufficient when it comes to redeeming those of us who make mistakes (read: everyone).

As any teacher or parent can attest though, this certainly comes with some expectation that we learn from these traps and seek to improve.

We may fall into new traps as we try to improve and grow – that’s expected and His mercy continually meets us – but to keep falling into the same trap, especially if we see it coming, is where we need to be more vigilant.

When our time is up we are going to be held accountable for our lives.

What good did we intentionally or unintentionally do?
What harm did we intentionally or unintentionally do?
What impact did these things have on others?

Most importantly, what’s in our heart? Where is it directed?

If it’s directed towards good and we’re continually trying to be better (even if we keep falling), I’m sure that His mercy will preside rather than His judgement.

The key here is that our intention is to be good and we’re trying.

When we all look inside and genuinely reflect on what we can be held accountable for, it’s natural to feel miserable and shameful. In a way, this is a good thing as it (a) is honest – none of us are perfect, and (b) it invites His mercy to preside.

I would actually be worried if I didn’t feel this way as that surely would be inviting His judgement to step in and I’m quite positive no one is near as perfect as they may think they are.

While this spiritual battle rages on, it should be refreshing to know that the final assessment is up to us.

Is our will, effort and attitude inviting His mercy or is it challenging His judgement to preside?

No matter how many traps have been laid, no matter how many times they’ve tripped us up – let’s keep aligning our will to His, trying our best and seeking his mercy and forgiveness for our faults as we steadily climb our respective paths towards Him.