all is not lost.

This is a time of great disobedience.

Perhaps the greatest level of disobedience this world has seen.

The level of sin and indifference to God (even hatred towards God) is hard to process for those of us who know better and it’s easy to fall into the trap of wondering where God is in all of this.

This raises an important question:

Am I allowing Jesus to be who He is or am I trying to fit Him into my own box?

We wouldn’t be the first to place our own expectations on Jesus, thinking that we know how He should or shouldn’t act.

Throughout the Gospels we see cases of where the Jews, even His very disciples, were convinced that Jesus’ role as Messiah must mean he was going to lead Israel to a military victory over Rome.

With hindsight we can see more clearly that Jesus chose to work differently. His idea of victory was universal and for all time, not just a short-term one. He was claiming an eternal throne, not an earthly one.

As we look at the state of our families, our societies, our world – are we allowing Jesus to continue to work as He knows best or are we placing our own expectations for how we think He should or will act?

This inevitably leads to disappointment whereas the ideal response should be awe and wonder.

Going back to what we know to be true – what reason do we have to think that Jesus isn’t already working amidst all this?

As intimately and deeply as He loves all souls, how could He not be busy at work at this very moment?

Even if we don’t understand, or perhaps see clearly, how He’s acting – how can we show more gratitude?

Gratitude for His perfect plan

Gratitude for His patience

Gratitude for His carefulness

Gratitude for His thoroughness

Through all of this, Jesus is accounting for an infinite number of small details as He continues His effort to save every lost sheep – and we can clearly say that there are many lost sheep these days.

Instead of worrying or being concerned about when Jesus will act more directly, why not marvel at the depth of what He’s taking on and be grateful to Him for never forgetting us?

If anything, I can simply say that I am grateful to be part of His team, as insignificant in His overall plan I may be playing.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the actions of our enemy – his movements are announced far and wide. Just look at any mainstream media site and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

He makes so much noise, often propping up huge illusions of power and influence. But these are just that – illusions.

In every way, Jesus is the opposite.

Where Satan is proud, Jesus is humble.

Where Satan shouts, Jesus whispers.

Where Satan rages, Jesus comforts.

As Satan’s illusions will inevitably fall apart, the real work that Jesus has been quietly doing in the souls of His people will reveal the wonder of His plan – a plan that began at the beginning of time.

With all this in mind, we must continue to turn back to TRUST, even if we’re lacking in it.

We don’t know what Jesus’ plan entails, but we TRUST that it’s perfect – for us and everyone else.

We don’t know why Jesus allows evil to run rampant but we TRUST that nothing happens that He doesn’t allow for His perfect reasons – reasons grounded in our ultimate good.

We don’t know know what part He wants us to play in this plan, but we TRUST that He’ll let us know when the time is right.

As we battle our own insignificant challenges and struggles (to us they may seem great but in the grand scheme of things, they’re ridiculously minor), prayer must continue to be our home-base.

In prayer we are re-oriented by our King – the architect of this plan of salvation and the dispenser of all peace.

Some days we need to pray every hour just to get enough peace to make it to the next hour – so be it. He’ll fill us up if we ask Him.

How do I know this? He said He would and Jesus doesn’t lie. As the opposite of the devil (who is a liar through and through), Jesus only speaks truth.

Turn to Him in trust & prayer, refill with His peace, and carry on in faith.

All is not lost.

Far from it, in fact.