confidence and hope

In my morning reading and prayer today, Jesus connected the dots between two important themes that I needed to hear, and want to share.

  1. Have CONFIDENCE in Him
  2. Have HOPE for what He has in store for us

Let’s start with CONFIDENCE.

Several of the different readings and reflections I had today pointed to Jesus’ authority over evil.

With a word he cast out “legion” from the demoniac into the herd of swine (who them ran off a cliff into the sea). With seemingly no effort, only the will to cleanse this person, evil didn’t stand a chance before Him.

How can we not be in awe of this?

How can we not be confident in what He can do?

We can look at how easily he healed the sick and injured. Sometimes it was just a touch, sometimes it was a rebuke, other times it just kind of “happened” even if the person was far away (as in the case of the centurion’s servant).

How can we not be in awe of this?

How can we not be confident in what He can do?

Jesus even showed authority over death itself. On more than one occasion he brought people’s loved ones back to life (as in the case of the young child and for Lazarus). When He willed it, death didn’t stand a chance.

How can we not be in awe of this?

How can we not be confident in what He can do?

The more we spend time reading about what Jesus did and said, there should be no doubt that He desires nothing but good for each of us. It’s impossible to not feel His love.

For someone who has this devotion and love for us – and the level of authority over all things – what could possibly diminish our confidence in Him?

Today, in prayer, take some time to simply marvel at what He has done in scripture, what He’s done in the lives of others (reading about your favourite saints is a great way to see and admire His hand at work) and what He’s capable of doing in our lives and our world.

Let that awe turn into a strong sense of confidence.

As Fr. Calloway said in his talk on the Rosary: “That’s MY Jesus!”

The second theme was HOPE.

In continuing through the “Volumes in a Year” with the Apostolate of the Returning King, I’m now back into Volume 8 – one of the prophetic books (I’m a bit ahead – couldn’t take a week off!).

Today’s readings (Vol. 8 pages 19-27) covered Jesus describing the “new time” or “renewal” following a great cleansing and what this means for His people and His church.

(Note: if you haven’t read these, I consider this required reading for anyone trying to grow spiritually. Over the years, I can’t think of anything that has been more valuable to me than these books. Check them out here).

It should comes as no surprise that today’s level of sin and disobedience must, at some point, invite God’s intervention to renew His creation and His people.

The book of Revelation speaks of this, as does much in private revelation.

How imminent or far off in the distance is for God to know – what matters is our focus on the Hope of what will follow that period of difficulty.

In this reading Jesus described what this renewal will be like. What really struck me is how much my heart longs for this simplicity of living.

So much will be different from how we live today – and there will clearly be a need to adjust – but the knowledge that humanity will have a far closer and direct relationship with God gives me great hope.

The joy He described all experiencing as a result of this closeness…I want that – for me and for all!

In a lot of ways, it’s going to be the opposite of today’s existence.

As rampant as sin and disobedience is today – this new time will have equal levels of purity and obedience. That is a world I want to be a part of.

Today’s culture makes it nearly impossible to protect our children’s’ purity – whereas this renewed culture will reinforce exactly that.

However much challenge or suffering we may have to endure between now and whenever this time comes, the knowledge of where it’s progressing to is a great reason for Hope and anticipation.

Today Jesus chose to remind me – and through me, perhaps, you too – that we have more than enough reason to be confident in not only His desires for each of us but His ability too.

He has authority over ALL.

Whether our hope is connected to what He can do to improve our lives and our world, or perhaps going a step beyond that to the hope of the place He’s promised to prepare for us in Heaven – there is something to look forward to.

As dark as things may sometimes seem to be, take time to renew your confidence in Him and your hope in what He’s preparing.

Let our anticipation be reserved for this and may the joy of that reflection make today a good one.